Non Serviam – Frank Turner

Ach! Who am I kidding? You’ve seen how the last few days have gone around here. The brakes are off. That ‘a song a day’ conceit seems quaint right now. It’s a blow-out-fire-sale-grand-Guignol-gorge between now and midnight tomorrow night!

“I am the idiot, I was considerate, I thought things were different, but the dumb and degenerate can be so belligerent”

So Frank Carter has gone pop and Frank Turner has gone punk. It all swirls around and around. Of course Frank has made many noises this hefty before. He’s the frontman of Möngöl Hörde ferfrikkinfrickssake. But this? This is a declaration of intent. The opening track to his new album. Released in the future. In the post SteveForTheDeaf world. In a desperate bid to stay relevant before I fade to black I give you the last of the new releases. From the forthcoming FTHC album…

“Banish me and sentence me to drink the hemlock, but I will not bow down, I will not tug on my forelock before this new set of values, this obvious scam, I’ll be keeping a hold of myself – non serviam”

Non-Serviam is not playing by Frankie Turnips half Folk half Punk Billy Bragg tribute act rules at all this time. He once taught us dance moves with The Blackout and gave us campfire punk rock with I Knew Prufrock Before He Was Famous. He’s been a staple round these parts since The Silent Key and 1933. He followed his return to us on The Gathering with an ode to his lockdown struggles set to fiddles on I Haven’t Been Doing So Well.

“Is this what you wanted? Endlessly haunted, All history distorted? You think that you hate me? You fucking Johnny come lately, I’m the champion athlete”

Fuck my old boots he’s going for it on this one. The Franks have swapped jobs. Rejoice

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