Sudocream Queen – Venus Grrrls

A third single in 2021 from my new favourite band. Taken from the upcoming Potions EP (literally due in a week) Jess, Hannah, Gabby and The Two Graces get dead specific on this one.

“Waking up at ten to stare at herself again and she’s bodacious, tenacious, deciding which trend to wear”

Sudocream Queen is a terrific example of an outsider anthem. What once upon a time was a shameful secret is now a badge of honour. This band have the magic ingredient. They seem incapable of writing bad songs. Everything sticks. Every track has punch, hooks, repeatability and is a kind of big on attitude with infectious good vibe while still being a tad why don’t you GFYS.

“I wonder what you’ll think of her ‘cos she’s a sudocream queen it’s not what it seems on the other side”

“You don’t know what she might be going through you won’t hear her telling you, so be nice be nice to all the sudocream queens”

They’ve got something many a big label group aimed squarely at their own demographic lacks. They’ve got their shit together. Think Garbage, Halestorm, Hole and The Human League. Think Blondie, Daisy Chainsaw, Fluffy and Depeche Mode

I’ve been championing this band all year long. They’ve been championing their immediate sound, their massive choruses and their anthems for the girls on the rock scene in Northern England. Mark my words… Very soon Venus Grrrls are going to be all over the rock scene near you.

Potent potions poised to prise perfect power pop into its pockets. Prepare thyself


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