The Beachland Ballroom – Idles

Remember when Guns N’ Roses were so famous and their fans were so hungry for new content from them that they could release two new double albums on the same day and people went nuts for it?

Well, Idles might be the new Guns N’ Roses. They’ve released two videos for this one track as a tease for the new album. OK so it’s not exactly thirty songs and double vinyl twice with matching sleeves. Still.

Hot on the heels of last years third LP comes record number four. After the hardcore heartbreak of Brutalism. The fist of fun of Joy (As An Act Of Resistance) and then the collabo wabo of Ultramono it looks like the new album is going to push them over the top. Into the big big big time. And quite right. They’re one of the best bands we have for “in your face, off your arse. let’s get shit done” type rock and roll in the roaring 2020’s.

The sweaty close up video which makes up part one is an uncomfortable watch. Good for them. That’s proper punk. Part two isn’t much of a let up. The band are in their Sunday best. Joe is swaggering about like a man in pain and in the spot light…

This is the opposite of GNR’s Don’t Cry. It’s compelling and potent.

This big swinging ball room ballad is new ground for them in a way and yet it fits right in with Cry To Me and A Hymn.

Strong Men May Also Cry. It’s real not just a movie quote.

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