The Harrowing – Green Lung

Look, seeing as we’ve already mentioned Mastodon and stoner and metal… I ought to just make sure you’re all down with Green Lung. No! I’m not wishing pestilence upon you. Manchin and Sinema have seen to that. I’m also not pretending to be first to the party or cutting edge either. This band bridge your Priest to your In Flames. They’re right in there with all that widdle de dee stuff and yet they’re doing it with a wicked grin and a nifty line in Bolt Thrower meets Black Sabbath.

The Harrowing opens their 2021 album Black Harvest with choral hums and cathedral echos before the spiky guitars make like it’s 1981 and Dio needs an opening act. It’s followed by Old Gods. An equally on the nose period piece of heavy metal history in histrionics. IF you like it so far… You’ll love all of Black Harvest. If you think you don’t need a new old metal band in your life alongside all the other retrosexuals I’ve posted from Massive Wagons to BSCBR to Lucifer then move along. Nothing to see here. That smell? Lynyrd Skynyrd mate.

8 thoughts on “The Harrowing – Green Lung

  1. I feel like it’s worth mentioning that I played this at 06:30 am and my lovely wife came downstairs to say it was really loud and was gonna wake up the kids. I did put on the headphones, but I figure that’s duty fulfilled!

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