Baba O’Riley – The Who

Today’s the final day. All Hallow’s Eve. You’ll forgive me then a little conjuring trick. I shall today reanimate the songs already posted here as mere echos which haunt the hallowed halls of SteveForTheDeaf now it is all but bereft.

Ten songs it is. Ten songs which in years past were posted not in their classic form… But Classics be. The Ten best songs of all time. Squandered by the stumbling demented child king SteveForTheDeaf as clever clever asides, bits of theme weeks or B-Sides. When he knew he would anger the gods of Rock & Roll Valhalla.

Behold Baba O’Riley. The mighty anthem from The Who. Wasted like pearls before swine during The Who Week. Silly Old SteveForTheDeaf posted a cover version. The Gaslight Anthem may have been pure of rock and roll heart. They may have already gotten away with doing a version of Tumblin’ Dice. Well now on the night of the year where the dark places and the shadowy parts seem closest to our realm, let us restore the order of things to how they once were.

How the Rock and Roll Gods decree they always should be.

“Out here in the fields, I fight for my meals, I put my back into my living, I don’t need to fight, to prove I’m right and I don’t need to be forgiven”

Number Ten. Baba O’Riley…. By The Who.


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