Girlfriend In A Coma – The Smiths

When I was first experimenting with Theme Weeks and what they could be, I went with a title: Songs for, Inspired by and featuring The Smiths or something. It went alright. We showed Johnny Marr some love. They featured in the lyrics of Frank Turner and Brand New while Moz was represented for the quality of his songwriting in the not too distant past, not his recent incantations of aural batshit and banal prejudice.

This song was on that list then. Performed by the Shock Rock Red Neck Mojo Nixon and his dirty sneering swipe at the ‘Fruitcake that sings in The Smiths’. He was all outraged at the idea of vegetarianism and English singers with emotional depth. Oh how times have changed.

To do a joke cover of one of The Smiths funniest ever songs seems like a cheap shot in hindsight. They already cued it up.

Mojo! You Idjit Galute, just missed the irony as you kicked it on down the line. The Smiths wrote brilliant music. Ear worm pop hooks. Fantastic lyrics. They also did gags. Frankly Mr Shankely, Shoplifters Of The World Unite, Vicar In A Tutu. They had loads of them.

Girlfriend in a Coma couldn’t be more 2020’s meme worthy if it surfaced on a subreddit and went viral. It’s practically that kid in shades giving the thumbs up from a hospital bed with a wry caption.

This joke? I know I know it’s serious. That’s what makes it so funny.

And the Devil is Six. And The Smiths are Six out of Ten.

Girlfriend In A Coma by The Smiths


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