Hey Hey My My – Neil Young

How else do you follow Pearl Jam? With none other than Poppa Merkin Ball himself. Old Lamb Chop. Don Grungio. Let’s Wage Some Heavy Peace!

This song was carrying a heavy load before the 90’s hit. It was the anthem of Farm Aid in 1985. A now regular benefit concert that takes place to raise funds and help the farmers in the United States survival. Let me run that by you one more time. The biggest economy in the world. Regularly needs a live aid style concert to help pay the people who grow their food… In their own country.

And has done since 1985. If you were starting over you would not build it like this. Sorry if that’s over simplifying things but

“Hey hey, my my, Rock and roll can never die, There’s more to the picture, Than meets the eye, Hey hey, my my”

Add to it the portent of Kurt Cobain’s final cover version and there’s a pop culture celebrity reason this song is the Hurt of a whole generations alternative nation.

“Out of the blue and into the black, you pay for this, but they give you that and once you’re gone, you can’t come back, when you’re out of the blue and into the black”

In Neil Young Week we let Chromatics have at it. Here in the really real world. You deserve the real thing. One of the realest. Representing the whole Hippy vote, sans Crosby, Stills, Nash and the rest.

Number Seven in the Top Ten Biggestist Baddestus Bestiness Pop Hits of all time as voted Nokia in 2005

Hey Hey My My by Neil Young


3 thoughts on “Hey Hey My My – Neil Young

  1. Papa Neil is one of my Rock & Roll heroes. He’s spoken out about a lot of what’s wrong with the picture of the USA, even if he is Canadian. Hoping he would have the guts to call the Canucks out every once in awhile also. (e.g. Indian boarding schools and Enbridge)

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