Iron Man – Black Sabbath

I am SteveForTheDeaf. This is a top ten count down. There HAS to be some Black Sabbath on it.

Fortunately. Thanks to the weird arbitrary rules that invented themselves while writing this final days post “Songs Already Posted As Covers on SFTD But Now Must Be Posted In Their Original Classic Form Or We’re Going To Damage The Very Fabric Of Space/Time”… Not only can we post some Sabbath and still save the universe, we can also play into the Great Magnetic Field that invented Heavy Metal Music one more time. Thanks to Swedish 90’s Pop sensations The Cardigans.

Every kid who ever got an electric guitar and plugged it in the first time wondered why it sounded like a loud acoustic guitar and not like Tony Iommi. Then they learned they needed pedals. Some older Brother or Sister would let them know. So they saved up a few more bucks and bought a pedal. Usually a distortion. Usually an orange Boss Distortion if you’re of a similar vintage to myself. Then you got the Orange boss. 20 quid. You’d plug it in. Open chord clang. Then it’s just a dip on your whammy bar!!! Magic. You just played Iron Man! Give it a couple of weeks. A session in a friends garage and a borrowed microphone through that pedal. You can do the Ozzy intro too.


We all read the book in school (if you’re my age or my Dad’s age) or you saw the Brad Bird animated movie if you’re little Joe’s age. Or the Marvel Cinematic Universe got to you first and Iron Man has a different meaning and AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin jokes. It’s fine. We get it. It’s can’t be the same forever… Stick it to the old people.

The weight though (not the Roger McGuinn cover of the Dylan song, though that should definitely be on the list). The heaviness. Iron Man is a hefty racket. The Heftiest. Here’s to Hefty Metal…

Number Five (Still Alive!) of Ten

Iron Man by Black Sabbath


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