Motörhead – Motörhead

Just in case.

The Logo of My Dreams

Here we are. Hours from the finish line. Sunrise, wrong side of another day, sky high and six thousand miles away. The ‘write the theme tune, sing the theme tune’ approach from ex-Hawkwinder Ian ‘Lemmy’ Kilminster to his new direction took on a new dimension when he formed the band that was to define his music career. Ian wanted to call them Bastard but his mum said “no”.

So he used his last composition in his previous outfit (And the much acclaimed B-Side to their hit single Kings Of Speed €) as the moniker for his new one. Plus a couple of warty looking umlaut’s to verify the type of noise this mob would be making. Motörhead remember me now. Motörhead, alright. Bastard got remembered too. As an album title in the late 90’s for Motörhead & a while later for Phil Campbell’s post Motörhead band. The one he formed with his Sons… Can’t get enough, and you know it’s righteous stuff.

And so it came to pass, that rock and roll was (re)born. All good clean fun, have another stick of gum. Man, you look better already. The triple club has come up a few times around here. Iron Maiden doing Iron Maiden on Iron Maiden (1980). Black Sabbath playing Black Sabbath on side one of Black Sabbath (1969) and Bad Company performing Bad Company on Bad Company (1974) all keep company with Lemmy and Co as the Song/Album/Band Club.

So back in those reckless early days I thought it was a good idea to have Primal Scream tip up and do their Vanishing Point version and post mostly Motörhead doing covers (sssppaacccee tttiimmee ttuupperrwwaarree). We’re moving like a parallelogram here after all. This week could go on all day.

I guess I’ll see you out on the ice*

In on Three. Out of Ten.

Motörhead by Motörhead from Motörhead for Motörheadbangers

*personally I never touched the stuff but…

€ Corrected. Originally I posted it was the flip of Silver Machine. Thanks @paddycampbell48


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