The Harder They Come – Jimmy Cliff

Calling anything Joe Strummer did a ‘lesser version’ feels like risking my punk rock credentials, but then again I’m sure (no I’m entirely positive) The great man would agree with me that NOBODY can do The Harder They Come better than the originator.

Jimmy Cliff was an inspiration for so many. This soundtrack album/Reggae classic features this sunshine soaked song of hope. Who knew the guy singing his own theme tune in a Z-Movie of ghetto gangsters and low rent exploitation cinema would be the launch pad for an eternal piece of can do spirit made song?

This David Vs Goliath of a tune can lift a field of people off of the ground. I haft seen it mit mine own eyez.

It might have been Joe’s version I came to know first. Jimmy Jimmy. There was no need to be sad when they play your song. That tale of the “Pie up in the sky” and the “Free man in his grave” resonates with all who give it a mere three minutes of their time.

Number Nine, Number Nine, Number Nine On The Greatest Songs Of All Time.

The Harder They Come by Jimmy Cliff


3 thoughts on “The Harder They Come – Jimmy Cliff

  1. Pure classic, probably oughta rank higher than 9 ;).

    I remember being in a record shoppe in Taranna years ago, listening to another dude and the proprietor talking about trying to get an original LP copy of this soundtrack (at the time), about the the troubles this dude was having getting his hands on one, the very high prices of copies he did find. I browsed the bins and eavesdropped a bit (kind of hard not to, it was a small room), thinking of my pristine original sitting at home on the shelf, waiting for its next spin. I hope he found one!

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