Lux Æterna – Metallica

Wait?! What?!? I’m back for like five minutes and hot new surprise releases from bands like Metallica start messing with my (not so) carefully curated idea of 50 songs released since SFTD last walked the Earth…

‘Tis the season I guess. I’m writing this with limited information to go on. Yesterday the biggest ‘Tallica news on the horizon was their two night stick at next summers Monsters Of Rock (sorry, Download, I mean Download) and James dressing up as Eddie Munson for Halloween.

“Anticipation, in domination, a sea of hearts beat as one”

Now there’s Lux Æterna. A buzz saw guitar fed thrash metal sneer halfway between Hardwired To Self Destruct and Trapped Under Ice.

“Amplification, lighting the nation, never alive more than right here tonight”

There’s news of 72 Seasons. An album due in April with a name that sounds like a reference to how many series of That Dragon Show we had to sit through while waiting for Metallica to follow up their last album.

There’s the yellow and black album art for said release. A real “Is, is that the cover?” moment for anyone who couldn’t quite grasp how awful the sleeves for the last couple of albums were (OK I didn’t hate Death Magnetic as much as some but Hardwired is a terrible record cover).

It depicts a blackened (oof) singed child’s crib surrounded by other relevant domestic items charred by fire. They sit in contrast on a stark primary yellow background. There’s no writing on the cover save for the one familiar hook serif M in the top left hand corner. It’s quite striking an image but not a very metal sleeve. Very modern. The T-Shirts for this tour are going to need some help.

Then there the promo video, the track listing, the tour dates the limited edition Never Mellow Yellow double disc preorder (yep) those new laser beam soaked images of the band and that little man silhouette logo casting those M shadows (Not you, M. Shadows) across the single artwork (now that is an awful sleeve). Not to mention the support acts (Pantera (well sort of), Greta Van Fleet, Volbeat, Mammoth WVH, Ice Nine Kills, Architects)

To the tune though. It does sound like Metallica. I’ll give it that. Actually it sounds like Metallica covering Angel Witch or Judas Priest. Three and a half minutes of a Hit The Lights do over that sounds like to could have been on Painkiller. Diddle Ziddle Diddle goes the riff. LarsLarsLars go the drums. “Full speed or nothing” goes Papa Het. Dang dun dun! break the beats. Yep. That’s gotta be worth $5.98 of anyones money. It’s all rather good fun.


4 thoughts on “Lux Æterna – Metallica

  1. Great to have you back writing pal. I’m liking this track then again I have always been a sucker for quick double bass drumming. Great tempo for walking or riding the mountain bike!

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