The Wolf You Feed – Nita Strauss (Feat. Alissa White Gluz)

Y’all might know Nita round these parts as the guitarist in Alice Cooper’s band. The axe wielder who recently jumped ship to go and play with Demi Lovato on her kick arse pop rock make over record HOLY FVCK and its subsequent tour of this very year. Nita Strauss is a high ranking top jobbing six stringer who has played with some seriously big names. She is also a full on hardcore metal guitarist and writer in her own right (Own write? Own write right? Thanks for nothing John Lennon) she’s a fitness icon and all round cooler than cool rock legend.

She looks so at home here on The Wolf You Feed. A proper thrasher that sits well along side your Spiritbox, Arch Enemy and Make Them Suffer type modern metal band. She’s currently signed to Sumerian Records (the same label as Lilith Czar) and that labels dedication to big on genre tropes acts and representational equality is to be commended. The amount of cool stuff I keep seeing that has their imprint in the corner is getting way out of hand. heir website goes deeeeep.

Her second self monikered release in 2022. Summer Storm was a full on shredder of an instrumental track that showcased her skills as a consummate virtuoso back in August. I love it, but I’m a songs guy at heart and the kick I get from Alissa White-Gluz vocals on this track make my hands involuntarily form devil horns whatever I’m doing. Honestly its not a problem when driving but don’t listen to this when you’re cleaning your teeth or trying to type. You nd u wit ony fur figs t typ wit.

I don’t think I’ve ever professed my love of Arch Enemy on this site before. I think they’re a brilliant metal band. Well within the genres lines they excel at all things metal and have built a gigantic fanbase for that death growl meets harmonics world populated by Amon Amarth and Powerwolf et cetera et cetera et de loverly cetera. Alissa is one of the vocalists in that band for those of you of a less Metallic bent.

For those of you just here for the Inside You There Are Two Wolves meme, you’ve come a long way for meagre reward. Here you go.

Seeing these two queens of mosh with their pink and blue manes circling as they thrash out this tune is a delight for genre heads everywhere. Their big budget wedding dress thrash fest video puts all the fun back into a scene often made dour and doomy by gatekeepers determined to stop the smiles breaking out in the pit.

We’re having none of that round here. Metal is meant to be fun. There are two Wolves inside of your ears right now. Feed them some Nita Strauss.


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