Literary Mind – Sprints

Remember Sprints? How Does The Story Go Sprints? “I’m the only fucker in this place who isn’t doing fine” Sprints? “Can we go home yet?” Sprints? It wasn’t the biggest hit. But, I heard a thing right in there at the core of that most spunky of indie riff and churn chops and thought “I’m gonna love this band”.

When I finally got to hear another track by them I was not disappointed. Literary Mind was kind of a hit. Well it was on one particular radio station a lot. It’s a broader, moodier more complex song than its predecessor. Well, it’s five minutes of broil and brood with a hollered chorus that sounds like this guitar band might be trying a subtle go at an incantation. It’s not as instant as How Does The Story Go? but as post-Sonic Youth European indie disco floor fillers go, the refrain of

“She’s got a literary mind and a literary look, She’s got a literary hand and it’s literally shook, from the confines of a page to the vastness of a book”

is a dEUS Ex-Girlfriend of a tune. A little bit The Vaselines, a little bit Dinosaur Jr.

“She’s a killer, she’s a thriller, she’s a halfwit and a crook”

The C-86 vintage promo video might work as a sort of meet cute to relationship montage of two ladies in a book shop looking like they’re under the impression they’re filming a promo for Belle And Sebastian. It’s kinda neat that the images are slightly at odds with the almost churning chaos underlying the track. It’s a low end noisiness that puts this band in the only slightly more serious vein of Fountaines D.C as opposed to say, the goofy Wet Leg or the halfway house turn between those two (that other most 2022 of indie turns) Panic Shack. Literary Mind has muscles and a delicious pent up energy. Just like the protagonists in the video, I’m so happy for them when it all comes together. 80’s indie is not dead yet.

“She’s played this game before and she’s winning”

Fans of Honeyblood, The Raincoats, Glasvegas and Venus Grrrls can all find something to adore in Sprints and their powerhouse front woman Karla Chubb’s unique way with words.

Book shop Romance
Early single and Art Brut non cover.

3 thoughts on “Literary Mind – Sprints

    1. The 80’s almost killed me let’s not recall them quite so fondly. Some Kennedy OD’ed while we watched on MTV, and in the ’90s we were wired and well connected, put it all down on technology and lost everything we invested…


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