Ginger & The Wildhearts

Ginger & The Wildhearts (& All that entails)!

The single most prolific artist in my record collection is that Geordie 24 hours song machine Ginger Wildheart. The band from which he took his name, the side projects, the solo stuff, the Sparks inspired Girl fronted pop rock and the Super $hit all needs a home here on SFTD

From Hey! Hello! To Mondo-Akimbo-A-Go-Go

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Every Day SteveForTheDeaf posts a different song and some ruminations on that song. Or a story about the time I got locked out of my car that reminds me of that song. Or a joke about Jamaica. Sometimes those songs cluster together into themes. Theme weeks, Repeated artists. That sort of thing. They all get collected together in the PAGES menu Read more