Everybody Must Get Stoned

Through A Glass Darkly! Hot Rocks! Jump Back! Grrr! Honk!

There are more Rolling Stones compilations than there are Rolling Stones Albums at this stage! Many of them omit to include The March Violets mid-80’s cover of Miss Amanda Jones.

I can fix that.

I’m all sixes and sevens and nines.

Ain’t I rough enough?

Ain’t I tough enough?

The Stones Loom Large in my Lunchtime

This band were my Dad’s favourite band before I had opinions about stuff like that. Now that I have spent decades listening to them actively not just as second hand smoke I can concur. Certain Stones records mean more to the than others. It was (in part) my love affair with Exile On Main Street that inspired me to write a book. Rock And Roll Valhalla is all about falling in love. With records, with pubs, with wannabe rockstars! Read more

Get Off Of My Cloud

Rest in Power Charlie Watts.