Lawn Killers from Motörhead

No Band quite makes the most perfect of rock and roll rackets like Captain Lemmy and his Bomber Crew. Be it back in their Hawkwind Reject days, through their “Worst Band In The World” era (They were never bad, just misunderstood) to the wilderness years and into universally accepted Icons of R.E.A.L. Real Rock N’ Roll…

Motörhead – Primal Scream

Oh Lord, Who Art On High…

Sympathy For The Devil – Motörhead

Who has made the blades of grass and the little tiny things that creep therein

1916 – Motörhead

That hath made the cricked bats, who has made hankies and who has made
All things…

R.A.M.O.N.E.S – Ramones

Bless thou, these people from Motörhead

Overkill – Motörhead

That they may so verily endow the people of this planet with pleasure and enjoyment

Shine – Motörhead

That yea, they may verily increase fourfold
Their already large sums of loot

Heroes – Motörhead

and enable them here in this life to purchase maybe one other pair of trousers each

Born To Raise Hell – Motörhead

Oh Lord, thou who has seen the trouserless and had compassion

Motörhead – Motörhead

Look down upon them, thank You

7 thoughts on “Lawn Killers from Motörhead

  1. I’m curious, what would you as a Motorhead fan say if I listed my top five Motorhead songs as-
    – Please Don’t Touch
    – I’m the Doctor
    – No Class
    – Deaf Forever
    – America

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      1. It’s pretty damned unique. You can count on true fans to have their own reasons for liking collaboration singles, b-sides etc because they’ve looked that much deeper. It’s why I love Another Perfect Day so much. It’s the band I love but a little different

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      2. I’m glad to hear it’s unique. I’m actually quite new to Motorhead, the only disc I own being the 20 song greatest hits entitled “Deaf Forever”, but it impressed me a lot.

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