Mark Lanegan : In Memoriam

Pendulum – Mark Lanegan

The Voice has made some incredible solo records. This one is my favourite. A church tinged mournful country ballad. Slight in length but potent in mood. I’ve seen Mark…

Witness – Screaming Trees

If there isn’t a Screaming Trees track on this here blog by now I’ll be surprised but ‘THIS ONE’ comes with a bit of a story. A few…

Death’s Head Tattoo – Mark Lanegan

Mark’s Gargoyle album got me all a flutter on release. I featured Beehive on these pages at the time and parped on about THE VOICE, the cold Bunnymen feel…

Some Misunderstanding – Soulsavers

As modern covers of old 60’s numbers go. This one’s a bit of a gem. Mark Lanegan’s often confusing discography can sometimes gloss over the records he’s made with the Soulsavers.…

Nobody Home – Mark Lanegan

You know me, I love a cover. I also love Mark Lanegan’s voice and despite some claims to be all punk and no prog, I love me some…

Beehive – Mark Lanegan Band

Cool as a cucumber buried under 6 feet of cold earth Mark Lanegan and his Mark Lanegan Band don’t break a sweat on this Bunnymen and Echo soaked…

Idle Hands – The Gutter Twins

Opening with an unholy dirge as it’s overture, it’s clear adding together a Screaming Tree and an Afghan Whig amplifies the sinister which both parties bring to the party…

Sing Backwards & Weep

Some music you like, some music you love and some music… rare music. It becomes a part of you.

Mark Lanegan’s music found many ways to do that rare magic thing. I first heard his amazing voice when he was fronting his breakthrough 90’s Grunge band Screaming Trees. I sang Dollar Bill and Butterfly around campfires with my teenage friends and I saw them play in the UK before the brief window of opportunity closed forever.

With his solo records I had many a long dark night of the soppy sod while listening to cassettes of The Winding Sheet and Whiskey For The Holy Ghost back before the 90’s ended and before finding my wife and then finding myself in this new century. Mark elevated the art form with his millennial solo record Bubblegum. Round about the same time he splintered the listeners multiverse with Isobel Campbell, PJ Harvey, Queens Of The Stone Age, Soulsavers and his single release of a masterpiece with Greg Dulli, The Gutter Twins. From then on he was an Easter egg of an artist.

He could turn up on tribute albums, as a guest vocalist, with his band or with someone else and it’d be like a visit from your old tutor. Surprising, welcome and something you knew would one day become the last time.

The Voice has left us. We will continue to listen.

Mark Lanegan made pain beautiful through song.

Rest well Sir. Thank you

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