Rock And Roll Valhalla

A music venue has to close its doors for the last time to give way to developers. In the closing weeks the bartender tells the tales of the staff, bands and customers who passed through the place and why he stayed when he could have left for his shot at the dream.

The names have been changed to protect the Idiots.

Chapter One – Tumblin’ Dice

Chapter Two – Bad Penny

Chapter Three – End Of A Century

Chapter Four – Pretty Penny

Chapter Five – I AmThe Upsetter

Chapter Six – Only Happy When It Rains

Chapter Seven – She Cries Your Name

Chapter Eight – Sometimes Always

Chapter Nine – If I Can’t Change Your Mind

Chapter Ten – Doll Parts

Chapter Eleven – What A Beautiful Day

Chapter Twelve – Up The Junction

Chapter Thirteen – Cemetery Polka

Chapter Fourteen – On A Rope

Chapter Fifteen – Dancing On Your Grave

Chapter Sixteen – Hide N’ Seekin’

Chapter Seventeen – This Flight Tonight

Chapter Eighteen – The Price I Pay

Chapter Nineteen – Never Say Die