The Stranglers Week

We had been down to Strangle town one before the theme week.

Nice And Sleazy

And then I decided to do a Theme Week about a band I wanted to know more about rather than one I knwo inside out.

So we opened with tales of live shows and another song from Black And White

Toiler On The Sea

Before recognizing the importance of classic covers in their back catalog. So of course we started that side with Dionne Warwick

Walk On By

Theme weeks on SFTD tend to bounce from Main Gig to Influence or Cover or side project, so we went back to the early days with a song from the pub rock days

Hanging Around

Then another milestone cover with (Question Mark) ? and The Mysterians and their organic classic

96 Tears

Before getting into the really tasty era of the bands music like The Raven


And covers going the other way. The Stranglers have influence man…

Strange Little Girl

Before concluding it all on the end of an era that has become an anthem.

Always The Sun

Hope you enjoyed it.