2021 SFTD QTR Three In Review

Three Out Of Four Ain’t Bad!

I guess the big news in Q3 was that we wouldn’t make it out of Q alive. SFTD is bowing out at the end of October leaving the year 2 months short. Why? When you gotta go… You gotta.

Due to the retrospective nature things took in the site’s final month the period of July to September that made up new releases in Q3 of 2021 feels pretty historic now. But here you go. Before it all went down it was going down like this…

July – August – September – The Quarter That Time Forgot

How Did We End Up Here?

There’s nothing to see here. This Blog is Dead. As Dillinger.

In Memoriam

There was a time. I’d post a song here everyday. But no more. It’s now an archive of music and babble that is complete. Finito. We are done.

There are songs all over this site that I proclaim are the best song ever. They all are!

Only now in hindsight can you read the full mess and realise it was never about the music. It was about the friends you make along the way… Was it bollocks. It was mostly about the music.

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And pull up your trousers!