All Hale Lzzy Hale & The Halestorm

She’s a rock and Roll Legend!

Lzzy Hale is much more diverse than just the singer in a heavy rock and roll band! She’s teamed up with Blues Duos, Mogolian Throat singers and Orchestral Metallica Tribute Acts gone pro. She does it all in killer shoes and with a ‘yes we can’ attitude that brings all the lost boys and girls along for the ride.

The Featuring Lzzy Hale & Halestorm Trilogies

Now with added Back From The Deadyness. Horns Up!

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Theme Weeks

There’s some reoccurring stuff on this here Website. An obsession with music, Disruption to the space time continuum, Skulls, a love of Iggy Pop. Theme Weeks tie all that together. So check out the Pages menu for little clusters and lists of songs. That’s what us nerds like best right? Lists. Read more

Let us never speak of this again