The Best Of 2021

The Playlist at the end of the universe!

This is the end, actually this is well after the end. This is the post mortem.

Here are a short selection of the best songs from this most terminal year.

Put it in the ground already Steve, You’re done.

Before the whole shithouse goes up in flames

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Rock & Roll Valhalla

I wrote a novel once. It was a love letter to a pub jukebox, to pulling pints and to stupid kids doing stupid stuff in the 1990’s.

Write what you know they say. Well, I never killed a man or dated a rock star but I did get into some shit soooooo…

In the aftermath of SteveForTheDeaf it may be the highest peak in the wreckage heap the death of this site leaves behind.

There are a few Rock And Roll Valhalla lost scenes dotted around the site too. So I guess it’s my Opus Something or other

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It’s Gone. You Missed It. Go Home!