The Hold Steady Almost Killed Me!

Up To Your Neck In The Sweat Like Confetti

This band more than any other band kept me connected to new rock and roll music in the 21st Century. The clever, wordy lyrics and classic rock shapes showed me when the next big thing sounded like gimmicky trash there was a band of rock dudes in the back room, cracking jokes and popping caps and saying ‘Live and let live, I’ve got a Led Zeppelin joke for y’all’

Tramps Like Us…

…And We like Tramps

Now When We Lie To Each Other We Do It Through Computers

Now we never go dancing because we’re not really moving. She’s got a bandolero belt filled with Kamikaze shooters. She touches every table in a total eclipse. It costs an awful lot for just a little bit. At first it felt like faith. Then if felt just like the void. Now we’re stranded on the southside. So sick of waiting on our boys.

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Let’s roll. Let’s roll around.

Thanks For Listening, Thanks For Understanding