Landfill Indie Week

Landfill indie week made Leg Ends of these skinny jeaned scallywags…

The horses in the New Forest be damned. This is a choon.

The Decision – The Young Knives

What’s that coming over the hill?

Recover – The Automatic

The harder they Fi the deeper the landfill.

Move On Now – Hard-Fi

You tell kids today about my twisted Levis from the noughties, and they won’t believe you.

Same Jeans – The View

They had the best of times, they had the worst of rhymes

We’ll Live And Die In These Towns – The Enemy

One hit and it makes you wonder

22 Grand Job – The Rakes

And so we say to you Shoop Shoop and Doolang Doolang

What Katy Did – The Libertines