Werewolves Of London – Warren Zevon

This may well be the only song in the whole of London Week not recorded by Londoners (or Essex Boys pretending to really be Londoners…) nor by even (Fee Fi-Fo Fum) Englishmen.

Aroooo! Werewolves Of London!

You know the song already. If you don’t know the song and you just know the piano riff. And you’re thinking ‘Where’s the guitar line from Sweet Home Alabama that goes with this?’, well… Let’s just say you need less Kid Rock in your life and more Warren and more Skynyrd and probably more multi vitamins too… So we’ll say no more about it.


Werewolves and London go together like Mutant Pigmen and Nazi Stormtrooper Uniforms. That is to say, they go together very effectively indeed.

I had a Boss years ago who was a huge Californian Surfing Dude called David. He was a child of the 60’s who was over here contracting in the firm I worked for as our head office was over in the US.

David was what I believe they call an Anglophile. He loved Britishness. Not just kings and queens and guillotines. He loved Monty Python and The Beatles and Queen and Led Zeppelin and Real Ale. He described his month long visits to the UK as Consulting in Disneyland.

One of the things David wanted to do with his weekends here was carry out an activity called The Wimbledon Eight. He’d read about it in a book about Oliver Reed. It’s a pub crawl akin to the plot of that Edgar Wright film with the Alien invasion that isn’t as funny as Hot Fuzz.

He’d heard about the eight pubs surrounding Wimbledon Common (but he had no idea what a Womble was) and the antics you can get up to by drinking a set amount of grog in each pub before moving on to the next.

He’d tried something similar in the past by navigating Soho in a single night using the lyrics to Warren Zevon’s hit as directions.

Dave and his Mexican side kick Jeff (RIP My Friend) had enjoyed Pina Colada’s at Trader Vic’s, they’d had sake and beef chow mein at Le Ho Fooks and they’d been overheard in Mayfair (not the cheapest part of the big smoke to go for a drink but I think it all went on expenses anyway).

Then I have to only assume they ran amok in Kent as the lyrics detail before walking with Lon Chaney and the Queen ‘doin’ the Werewolves of London’.

I convinced them the Wimbledon Eight was a bad idea as Wombles were a protected species and as such roamed the common rabid and un-vaccinated.

Beware the moon lads.

I taught them the rules to Mornington Crescent instead.

As a footnote, Werewolves of London is one of my ‘go to’ Karaoke Songs. If Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting and First Of The Gang To Die have not been made available. I go looking for this. When I do it, I’ve been told I sound like this…


28 thoughts on “Werewolves Of London – Warren Zevon

      1. I was just reminiscing with Hans at HansPostcard about Wayne Perkins, who played with Skynyrd on an album or two and once in concert with them that I know of. (In Birmingham, Alabama at Legion Field.) He did some session work with the Stones also.

        A lifetime ago I knew his brother Dale.

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  1. Aaaah! This crazy song planted a seed that made me the Warren Zevon fan I am today with ALL of his albums [save for the 60s Lyme + Cybelle material] in my Record Cell. That’s all 15 of them. The only one that’s iffy was the ’69 Kim Fowley demos. Thank goodness that this was the freak hit [in every sense of the word] that it was! Is there a better string of alliteration in rock than “Little ol lady got mutilated late last night?” It slays me every time I hear it. Thank goodness we saw Zevon on the “Mutineer” tour with a full band behind him in 1995-6. By those days he’d burned so many bridges that he could only tour solo, but that was a smoking hot gig that delivered a wallop that had been pent-up for nearly 20 years.

    “Sweet Home Alabama, play that dead man’s song…”

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    1. Awesome. I never saw him live. Even in death he was overshadowed by someone else (Johnny Cash went at the same time) but that just keeps him a freaks kinda guy. Bad Luck Streak and The Envoy are two personal faves


  2. Thanks for the tour through Fee Fi Fo Fum, the Protected Wombles, the storm trooper scene in WoL (are they a musical group also??) and Shrek’s dissin the poor donkey. Believe it or not Adam Sandler was in Grand Rapids, MI last week. The live music I went to last week (Flexadecibel) has a trombone player who is dating the daughter of one of my friends. My friend and her daughter went to him in GR. Have you ever heard Sandler’s song, Bad Boyfriend? My younger son used to be captivated by Sandler and his movies and had the CD Bad Boyfriend is on. Best song EVER.

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  3. The first Warren Zevon song I heard- due to it being a hit single- and it made me a fan to this day- If I made a Warren Top 10 It wouldn’t be on it though-but a great introduction.

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  4. Great tune. I was late to Zevon. The Wind was my intro, but nevertheless, I found his stuff. That’s what’s important.

    Rabid Wombles, eh? They should find it easy to get good stuff.

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