Again, Again, Again, Again, Again – Flasyd

Again I realise I’m being a terrible Pseude. I’ve seen a 26 minute black and white documentary about this band and suddenly I’m in a position to tell you if their music is great or not. Earlier today I watched a short film on request of Dan from Critical Popcorn and Spencer from Alamo Pictures. About 10 hours earlier today actually (well, if we’re doing (Actually) Actually it was back in January but you know… SteveForTheDeaf Space Time Tupperware and all that) and here I am now having not only downloaded their record but also spun AgainX5 (as absolutely nobody is calling it) enough times to feel I know it all over.

My review for the film should be up on Critical Popcorn by now (and it is). My Review for the song and my precis of the band is just right here:

You know I like punk rock. You know I like punk rock played by women. It’s righteous in it’s fury but less predictable than your usual 3 chords and the truth derivatives. Flasyd are a proper racket. They spill over the sides, they colour out side of the lines, they’re like trying to get the lid closed on a tool box with too much stuff in it. All of it too vital to do without. Cram it in. The recording is shitty. That only adds to the reason I loved them. The fuzz is warm, but uneasy.

Watching Always Fast Hardly Accurate today made me feel like I’d gone back to the pub to see a band. Even though it’s an arty black and white punk rock Brooklyn Hipster Frances Ha! showing the machinations of a scene I’ve never seen and a locale I’ve never been to. They cite CBGB in the film and decry soft rock with their band name. They’re the sort of chain smoking uber cool city dwellers who seem to be born in leather jackets that have a permanently half full packet of lucky stripes in one pocket. And yet it felt like it could have been a venue from my southern England upbringing or Camden Town, Manchester, Leeds, Madrid, Gwynedd, Padua, Reykjavik. Punk like this feels local wherever you hear it. Man! I miss shows.

Flasyd have a total online discography of 3 tracks. You’d have been hard pressed to fill a 12″ single with them back in the day. All 3 tracks do something different. They fulfill the role of chant along (Again, Again, Again, Again, Again) F-Bomb bonanza (I Hate You)* and bouncy catchy one (Johnny) all in all they show this band could turn in a set you’d want to jump around to.

Flasyd rock, hard!**

*Not a cover of Frank Carter And The Rattlesnakes, Lightspeed Champion, Green Day, The Monks or The Stranglers

** Lame? Lame!


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