Macy’s Day Parade – Green Day

“Today’s the Macy’s Day parade, The night of the living dead is on its way, with a credit report for duty call”

If you’re reading this then I’m long gone. See you space cowboy! I’ve slipped between the shadows and have not been seen for some time. This is merely an echo… echo.. e c h o

It seems funny to me that I chose a song like this to be my “previously unreleased material”. I got my reasons. I’ll share them with you if you like.

Macy’s Day Parade. What a uniquely New York idea. A public holiday (kinda) in the name of a retailer. Holidays are coming! Holidays are coming!

Y’all know Santa wasn’t invented by Coca-Cola and that they weren’t the first to dress him in red, right? That’s just marketing. All so 20th Century. So very very 20th Century. No tears. No fears. No ruined years. No clocks.

Little Saint Nick’s early years go back to Europe in the Middle Ages. The day after the Krampus would visit. To punish the wicked children with his switch. Then Santa would rock up and gift the well behaved kinder mit treats unt good fortune for the year to come.

But Macy? Inflatables, televised parades and New York being the home of the new Saturnalia? Pure cinema. Entirely in the ball park of Fred Claus being Scrooged on 34th Street. Don’t fuck me about Mate, I’m from London. Still, I knew that Macy’s Day Parade was a thing because I owned a TV and I liked The Simpsons, I’d seen a fair few movies and I was just y’know… around.

Green Day arrived in the post Sub-Pop wave of punk bands getting big deals off of the back of Grunge and The Alternative Nation’s success. Dookie was great. The previous two albums were so Lo-Fi and scrappy they managed to both be better and worse at the same time.

There seemed to be a false start for many when Billie, Mike and Tré followed up with Insomniac and Nimrod as the 90’s rolled on. Decent, but not Nirvana or Pearl Jam. Kinda regressive. There was a major reinvention afoot that would mix pop punk and the Quadrophenial leanings of The Who to devastating effect. Before then though was Green Day’s quiet revolution. Before the bombast of American Idiot was the folk punk semi acoustics of Warning! For my money their best album. Perhaps the best album of that foul year of our lore Y2K… Except for all the other groundbreaking millennial game changers from that watershed moment.

“It’s a lifetime guarantee, Stuffed in a coffin ten percent more free, Red-light special at the mausoleum”

So the song is a heartfelt loserville ballad about big business over shadowing true feelings. Fucking preach! We work longer hours for lower pay than any other society in history that didn’t know they were slaves… and yet… and… burger flipping… yet. We celebrate the yoke that holds us under the glass ceiling. Annually.

And now that I’m gone, never did I hear another Jacob Marley express a desire to have spent more time at work during their final moment of clarity. I forged these chains. Don’t even get me started on the “American” Holiday of Thanksgiving. Genocide aside, I’m sneery at that much routine humility. “Well, aren’t we all so lucky?” Jog on! Just call it a Solstice Feast and let these dead guys get some sleep. Jesus Christ Girl! What are people gonna think?

“Then I realized what it took, to tell the difference between, thieves and crooks, lesson learned to me and you”

And in the end… We all get wise too late to win. Born to lose. But if we’re lucky we slide out sideways thoroughly used up… or something. Somebody should check on Blackout Sam.

I am the ghost of Christmas past at this stage. Keep it well. Treat everyone like family. Your Nationality is a lottery ticket (you didn’t earn it) and luck is dumb as fuck. Without people you’re nothing. Everything else is just noise. Honestly. Make your peace with it. There is no God. Money isn’t real and there’s enough of everything for everyone if you keep the psycho arseholes in check and away from the controls. It can be beautiful. Like “Clarence Clemons playing Jungleland” beautiful.

And I’m thinking ’bout a brand new hope,the one I’ve never known, ‘Cause now I know, it’s all that I wanted”

Anyway what do I know? I’m not even here anymore. It was great while it lasted though. What a time. What a time. Happy whatever! Be happy with your part of forever.


11 thoughts on “Macy’s Day Parade – Green Day

  1. A fine write-up, thank you for sharing. So many momentary one-liners as well, like a flicker that keeps on giving a full picture and then, it’s gone…

    “Your Nationality is a lottery ticket (you didn’t earn it) and luck is dumb as fuck.”

    – What a reality hit!

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  2. If you’re declaring your own obituary, then I’m genuinely sorry you’ve gone, virtually or in the flesh. Unique blog, is/was Steve for the Deaf. Should I look out for a new ‘Steve for the Dead’ blog? As for the rust, delapidation and ruin of the vid….the wise have long cottoned onto the deceits and manipulations of the rich. May your journey be well lit and splashed with insights.

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