Seasons – Chris Cornell

Singles isn’t much of a cinematic milestone. it’s a lightweight rom com about 90’s twenty somethings dating their way round Seattle. The album of music that supported it on the other hand is an obelisk among the apes moment.

The track listing of Singles OST is faultless. Mudhoney, Screaming Trees, Smashing Pumpkins, Pearl Jam (twice), Alice In Chains, Soundgarden. It read like a wishlist for anyone hoping to understand Grunge pre internet. It even had the influences on show with Led Zep covers, Jimi Hendrix, the voice of The Replacements Paul Westerberg.

This is the sacred text of how to Grunge. Westerberg’s two poppy rockers aside the only other commissioned track on the album is Chris Cornell’s Seasons.

The guitar refrain is used throughout the film. The subtle acoustic picking becomes the entire films score. When it’s not jukeboxing in The Cult or Lightning Hopkins every poignant moment of the movie, every wistful look out over the horizon or unrequited walk home in slow motion is set against the opening bars.

When Chris Cornell pips in with his mournful blues this becomes more than a score. It’s now a magnificent song.

“Summer nights and long warm days, are stolen as the old moon falls, my mirror shows another face, another place to hide it all”

There aren’t many records as potent as this one for tearing me back to nights at the lido after dark, campfires in the hills and summer holidays where you stay up just to see the sunrise.

“And I’m lost, behind, the words I’ll never find, and the seasons roll on by”

I never met him, but I’m really going to miss Chris


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