No Future – Titus Andronicus

Craig Finn is one of my absolute favourite lyricists ever. In 2015 he put out a split single with touring partners and noise merchants Titus Andronicus in the punk rock tradition of the doubled up cover version. Craig has a run at one of TA’s songs, TA do a cover of one of Craig’s. What could be more DIY 7 inch?

The curve ball here comes from the fact that Titus Andronicus already have several other songs all called No Future in their arsenal. From their debut record The Airing Of Grievances to The Most Lamentable Tragedy (album number four) every one of their LP’s so far has a different song on it called No Future. So the ‘In Joke’ of CF having one too, and TA covering it is like, just, so meta…

Hearing Craig’s words sung by someone else has a special effect when you’re so familiar with his own personal delivery. It makes his weird little rabbit warren narrative songs sound big, wide and open to all. If someone else can take what CF does and interpret it with so much feeling then these songs aren’t just for bearded record nerds, they really are the modern folk songs I always suspected.

‘By the way that you picked up the phone, I could tell that you weren’t gonna die, February is about as long as it is wide’

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