Pretty – Don Broco

Don Broco have made a Gothy, NuMetal, Desert Session style Sealford/NIN hybrid. As disparate as all those elements sound it’s quite a lot of fun running through them all in a single tune. Kind of like condensing a whole evening in an alternative club in Camden Town down into one song. This sort of thing would have seemed out of place were we not in an era where Biffy Clyro are megastars and UK rock bands like Enter Shikari are now considered old school.

The sound of modern rock in 2017 is unsurprisingly something of a crossbreed. A bit urban and white boy rappy, some processed beats and synthy toots, a NuMetal riff. Some QOTSA style harmony. Some Rage Against The Machine breaks but everything delivered with PUNX attitude. There’s all things to all tribes going on in Pretty.

Lyrically it’s a cautionary tale of impaired judgement and compromised morals once under the influence.

“Pretty boy looking over, pretty girl gets the boys, pretty things can be evil, pretty tough to avoid”

The terminology goes a bit geezer

“Spilling drinks down my shirt, wasted, Hooligan trying to flirt, basic”

before veering into the topical political

“But now she wanna talk to me “Thing about foreigners they taking our jobs we should send ‘em away’’ I can’t believe what I heard how she’s saying these words?”

So you’d like to think this was the tale of a close call. A run in that Señior Broco swerved at the last minute. Nope. Too far gone to rely on sound judgement the evil (or at least mis-guided) pretty thing remains the object of the mythical Don’s attention.

“You should let me love you I could make you change I could, I would like to love you, Try to fix your brain, turn it bad to good”

It’s this sort of half cut thinking that gets good folk into bad relationships. Easy for me to say I’m not trying to cram a whole night in an indie club into 3 minutes and 33 seconds.


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