Recover – The Automatic

Spiky and punky of edge, these boys were eyeing up Supergrass’ table in The Good Mixer when they had their massive hit Monster. A track which is guaranteeing a little PRS cheque makes it’s way to the band after every Halloween for at least another 15 years.

Monster was their biggie but Recover is a better song with some neat twists and a club circuit Franz Ferdinand feel.

“Can’t fight, there’s no escaping the facts, I tried to help but I failed to solve the problem so much”

There’s an urgency at work behind this and in another decade you could imagine it being a song from a ’79 punk band or a late 80’s Smiths support groups main song. In the 90’s it might have fought it’s way onto a Shine album and today it holds its own.

“I want my wasted hours back and I want my head to clear”

Perhaps Recover works as a superior piece of Landfill Indie because it’s about something. You can tell it’s written to address a hardship. A non specific struggle but one that was heartfelt enough to drive the band to put pen to paper.

“Dress up, recover, ’cause you’ll never dance again”

They’re gone now but The Automatic put up a bit of a fight before slipping off into the files as that band who did the “What’s that coming over the hill, is it a monster? It’s a monster!” song.


6 thoughts on “Recover – The Automatic

  1. The Automatic! I have to be honest, I would have ignored them if the name stuck, as I hated that Monster tune. 6music loved it. Or they seemed to. The chorus was like Crazy Frog all over again…

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    1. Hit reply without finishing… I don’t think I heard this one. Though I probably have and it just didn’t stick. Guess that was the way with a lot of that landfill stuff.

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