Armagideon Time – The Clash

“All transmitters to pull all receivers to boost, this is London Calling, This is London Calling, First of all, welcome to the program. All Peoples of the World. This Joe Strummer at the controls from Bush House in the heart of London. This land is your land, this world is your world. We’re gonna say the unsayable and play the unplayable. Broadcasting what needs to be cast. If your radio’s tuned here your radio’s tuned right.”

If that don’t get the hairs on the back of your arms stood on end perhaps you haven’t seen the magnificent Joe Strummer Documentary The Future Is Unwritten. And Yet you’re here. Reading Steve For The Deaf almost two years and seven hundred songs in. We’re this deep and I’ve looked around. And I find my little website suffering from a vitamin Clash deficiency.

The easy skank of Willie Williams classic reggae taken through “The Only Band That Matters” London Punk filter makes for a heady brew. This is some holy grail rock and roll here. This is the sort of record that appears on lists about the essential records every fan should own. If you can’t feel the groove you may need medical attention. If you don’t feel the tension you may be beyond saving.

“OK OK. Don’t push us when we’re hot”

The Clash Man. What can I say about The Clash on SteveForTheDeaf? I can only apologise that there hasn’t been enough of it around here up to now. So, have The Clash Song, have the Original artist version and have a link to that magnificent documentary.

16 years gone and still our only decent teacher. It’s not too late to join the Very Last Gang In Town.


8 thoughts on “Armagideon Time – The Clash

  1. You know who people talk about remembering exactly where they were and what they were doing when they heard about the death of Elvis or Lennon? Joe Strummer is like that for me.

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  2. And ok, you’ll have to excuse me being a few beers deep into record spinning tonight because it just hit me how close we are to that anniversary. May have to spin London Calling next.

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