Scumbag Blues – Them Crooked Vultures

As a discography Lord Davey Grohl and his noble Foo Fighters story has more side orders than my local curry house. The only other more collaborative individual in the current top-tier of heavy music is Sir Joshua of Homme. We all know Dave and Josh have over lapped in The Ginger Elvis’ main gig. The really interesting ‘would be Kings’ of the next phase album, Them Crooked Vultures cannot be overlooked in either artists discography.

Them Crooked Vultures thus far has been a one shot deal where members of QOTSA/Foos/Led Zep get together on an equal footing and belt out brutalist stoner rock. That’s stoner rock with such monolithic flat edges that your typical monkey could not begin to scale them without first inventing tools.

There is not a bad tune on that red white and black package. The glorious No One Loves Me And Neither Do I was the opening single and there were a fair few other releases which troubled the radio and allowed the band to tour it for a solid year working in and around QOTSA, Foo Fighters and Remasters/Retirement related activities.

John Paul Jones is the unique ingredient in this mix that separates TCV from the other two bands sound.

I mean, I know he was in *ahem* Led Zeppelin but his playing really is revelatory, not because we didn’t know he could, but because it was awesome to see he still had the fire to want to.

After decades away from the mainstages he nails his parts like a plank welding Johhny Cash. With none of the latter day Zeppelin’s flab these cold, bold rough boy songs were unforgiving gunslingers on the festival circuit in 2010.

Other bands literally melted into puddles of pointlessness in the cold glare of Homme, Grohl, Jones and the other bloke. Credit where it’s due. These cats like to bring along one of their less successful mates when they do their all star projects.

Them Crooked Vultures is a high point in 21st century rock albums. Maybe we’ll get a Vol 2 one day.

Check out this live set from a German Festival if you want some more Vulture culture

14 thoughts on “Scumbag Blues – Them Crooked Vultures

  1. Yas! I remember feeling I wanted more from this album for the longest time and then, one day out of the blue, it hit me hard. Smack right in the gut. Then a kick in the face while I was doubled over. I was being a dafty.

    This was all the stuff that dreams are made of and you picked my current favourite tune from it.

    It’s about time they bothered Jones about getting back in the studio and get a second album done.

    And Alain Johannes really is the business, eh?

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  2. This could very well be the best hard rock album this century. It’s a true super group. You wouldn’t call it a Grohl side project or a new record with John Paul Jones and some younger dudes. They were well-matched. A good balance of talent all around.

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  3. I borrowed this CD from the library and am listening to it right now. Song #7 Vultures will be on my Coloring Club Plus page tomorrow. I included a link to your review here. I hope that is ok?? If it isn’t I will remove it asap.

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