Lovers In The Dark – Iraina Mancini

Back in October last year I got all het up about Iraina’s debut single Undercover. I compared her to the indie torchsong queens and and and to Jane Birkin or Nancy Sinatra.

Then I had to have a lie down. I mean swoony lush luxury pop sung by a doe eyed chanteuse who DJ’s classic soul and presents a radio show that’s wall to wall quality influences and deep cuts is one thing… Another thing entirely is the fact she makes records as great as this! Be still my beating heart.

Irania is already a star in some circles. She has a killer voice, amazing taste and the image to really stand out from the pack. She could be the next Paloma Faith (have I ever told you how much I adore Paloma Faith? It’s a lot) if things went her way (or that way, I don’t know what she wants. Maybe she’s anti-megastar). right now though she’s a niche pocket goddess with quality tunes and an incredible retro image.

Lovers in the Dark apes the tropes of late 60’s early 70’s Euro-pops high end. It’s got overtones and undercurrents. It sounds the way fur coats and mini skirts look when lit by lava lamps and oil projectors.

The Phil Spector comparison is unavoidable here. Last time with Undercover, I harped I’m about Lenny Cohen and Creepy Uncle Serge. Now I’m thinking Spector, Barry’s Beat Girl a touch of kitsch but an overwhelming warm rush to the extremities and a dizzying blush.

Lovers In The Dark could soundtrack an illicit kiss beneath the mistletoe or a forbidden city break with the wedding bands off, just as easily as it could be frugged along to in a Swanky Club by a bunch of Petulas in Mary Quant. It’s as if a dry martini  twist recorded a song.

Happy New Year!


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