Killing Yourself To Live – Black Sabbath

You know what? Yesterday got me thinking. Well In truth I’ve been dancing around it since I started blogging again. Last week’s Ozzy Osbourne post was actually the first thing I’d written (except all the year end posts already scheduled for December) I wrote it because I had a feeling I’d need an Ozzy Osbourne Obituary and when the time came I’d be too emotional to write it. Actually even more far back from that, in the days of the first farewell tour of SteveForTheDeaf I expressed a pang at the missed opportunity to not have a Black Sabbath Theme Week.

A Very Ozzy thing to do that. Do a big spangly dramatic exit and then come back like nothing happened and pick up where you left off a while later. Then announce another big dramatic exit. Before laying low for a bit. And coming back retreading the same old furrows as before. Over and over and over the mountain.

Look, It’s my blog. It’s my birthday this week. And we’re all locked down again. So why the Devil not? Let us not take his name in vain. I’m calling my midweek theme week officially open from (Al)Right Now! I wanna see your hands!

Just look at the brilliant bit of black and white video for Killing Yourself To Live from the Monolithic Metal Opus Sabbath Bloody Sabbath. This is rock and roll how it is supposed to be. Look at the crowd. These kids don’t know how lucky they are. I’d never seen this video before the days of YouTube. I love how there’s a massive sign above them as they play that just says ROCK CONCERT. Yeah, no fooling.

Killing Yourself To Live is the first time you can hear in Sabbath that they’ve tried to write a hit single rather than just a stone cold jam. They were rather good at it too.

There’s a proper live take from California Jam 1974 below for the full on Live Evil Sabbath experience.

I’m going to be covering Solo Ozzy, Dio, side projects and straight up We Sold Our Souls For Rock And Rock Roll type Sabbath over the next seven days. Hey! It’s my Birthday!

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