Shake Your Head (Let’s Go To Bed) – Was (Not Was)

Ozzy has always liked a bit of weird. Weird has always liked a bit of Ozzy. In the couple of decades where he definitely wasn’t singing for Black Sabbath, Ozzy did some unusual things. Accepting Don and Dan Was’ invitation to sing lead vocals on 1982 dance hit Shake Your Head is pretty unusual. Rerecording it in the 90’s for the bands greatest hits compilation Hello Dad… I’m in Jail with Kim Basinger as a special guest is erm… Doubly weird?

It’s an infectious little ditty that will drag anyone who had ears in 1992 right back in time.

Ozzy recorded this with Was (not) Was in 1982 and again in 1992… With added Vicky Vale

Let’s not blow a whole post on a bit of bonkers studio dancerie though, eh? Let us look at some of Double O’s other guest spots during that long weekend of being out of the band.

He had a bonafide hit with Lita Ford on the none more 80’s power ballad Close My Eyes Forever. Even though it’s a full on MTV smash it still manages to hang on to a bit of the old cobwebbed castle gothy feel of the Diary Of A Madman era. The strings on this thing are amazing even now.

Lita Ford & Ozzy Osbourne in 1988

He did a little 1-2 switcheroo with his drinking buddy Lemmy on the title track from a Hellraiser sequel. Released around the same era as each other. The pair of them wrote the track. Ozzy’s version appears on No More Tears. Motörhead’s on the less acclaimed March Or Die.

Ozzy’s smoother take
Lemmy’s big single for 1991

On Alice Cooper’s star studded early 90’s opus Hey Stoopid! Ozzy added his inimitable backing vocals to the title track. That album was like playing headbanger bingo spotting guests left right and centre.

Yeeeew Know, Eyyyye Know

On his 2005 compilation Prince Of Darkness his cover of Born To Be Wild as a duet with Miss Piggy is not the weirdest moment. That would be the played straight Bee Gees cover he did of Stayin’ Alive.

Stayin’ Alive – with Dweezil Zappa

Around the same time Ozzy had the second number one single of his life time (the first being Paranoid in 1970) with a do over of another Sabbath Classic. Inexplicably the cover of Changes with his daughter Kelly was deemed a suitable Christmas number one for some reason or another. 2005 was a lawless time.

Whoops, did I post the original?

In more recent years his guest appearance on Post Malone’s single Take What You Want was repaid with Post Malone’s appearance on Ordinary Man’s final track proper It’s A Raid. I now own a copy of both tracks and can’t be held accountable for that.

You don’t need to hear Post Malone, here’s Miss Piggy instead

But weird Ozzy doesn’t have to end up sucking badly. So let’s finish this Crazy Train of thought with a quality track. One from that time when Ozzy put down a Hendrix tune to help keep Doc McGee from going to jail. See Doc got caught shipping drugs into Russia by the FBI (or something) and he had to put on a music festival in Moscow to pay off his debt to society (or something) so a tribute album of heavy metal covers was born. Here’s Purple Haze from Stairway To Heaven/Highway To Hell.


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