Never Say Die! – Black Sabbath

Now it might be the Sabbath album that sold more T-Shirts in the 21st Century than it did actual albums in the 20th Century but Never Say Die! is not completely without merit.

He hasn’t has that since ‘78

The best track on the death rattle of the original lineups swan song is its title track. Not to say there’s nothing else good there. All I’m saying is…

There are few 70’s metal singles more ready to take on the 80’s (and all that entailed for the genre) than Never Say Die! It’s late enough in the bands career for there to be fairly well lit, full colour, promo video for it. There’s the sound of Ozzy’s solo band echoing down between the grooves into the last days of the English Heavy Metal of the 70’s and making way for Sunset Strip, Long Beach Arena and Heavy Metal Parking Lot.

I’d go so far as to say even Black Sabbath don’t realise in hindsight what a wonder they had in Never Say Die. I get why, it’s not from a happy time in their history. Given the choice between the first six album and anything else why muddy things? Hell, people often wonder why Sabbath Bloody Sabbath doesn’t get enough love!?! Who is going to go past Technical Ecstasy?

So a powerchord intro and a catchy chorus may not sound as elemental as Rat Salad or Hole In The Sky, but put this sucker on in a metal bar and see what happens.

I love Never Say Die! So much I made it the final song title/chapter in my book Rock And Roll Valhalla (available in all good SteveForTheDeaf Backpages).

So if I have to bring Sabbath week to an end I’m going to finish on this song. The song I’ve always loved by the band who invented the type of music I have always loved (don’t come around here with your Blue Cheer, we ain’t at home to your Steppenwolf)

I refer you to the statement above. Put this on in a metal bar and see what happens. Of course you can’t because there’s a pandemic and by the time it’s over all the cool drinking holes will be out of business. The sentiment though. The underdog can do spirit of the genre that got their motors running and still defend the faith to this day.

Metalheads Never Say Die!

On Top Of The Pops
Top Of The Pops Again but digitally brushed up.
Live and the real deal.

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