Medusa – Capra

Well this is very metal. Very metal in every way. It’s almost too metal I’m some ways, except I admire how very very metal it is. I’d go so far as to say it’s so metal it’s started to become un-metal in places, but because of how metal it is, that makes it more metal.

Medusa by Capra is on one hand an over wrought, pofaced, humourless combination of fast clangs and throttled screeches. And yet on the other hand it’s cathartic brilliant fun for all ages lung purge of a track. It works for either a frustrated little mosher to slam doors to and sulk in their rooms listening on headphones to. Or it functions just as well for those who want a bump in their ears part way through their day to use and abuse like it is a recreational drug of choice. A hit of Capra at lunch could get you (I mean me) through an afternoon of spreadsheets.

Metal doesn’t just have to be clodding great stoner thuds (Sabbath Worship), winky obsessed knuckleheads singing about shagging (The whole Hair Scene) or virtuoso wankfests (Malmsteen & Co). It’s important to understand that being totally metal is not just about shredding and littering literature references in your lyrics (The studs and monsters brigade). Nor is it merely about being lint free and head to toe in black while your logo looks like a pile of twigs and you just go “Blerrrgghh” into the mic (the Swedes etc).

And yet I bet Capra have records in their homes by bands who do all these things. There may well be some folk (the people who passed by my office at lunch for instance) who may think Capra aren’t all even playing in the same song at the same time (I do understand how abrasive and repellent really metally metal can be to the uninitiated). I also understand the rules of reality bend at warp speed, so that’s OK.

Music like this will either turn the listener off completely due it it’s tinny wall of squeaky noise or it will have a dyed in the wool life long thrash fan think… “hello there”

What’s this unusual mix of hollered to the limit vocals and early Slayer style thrash got that lots of other metal band don’t have? There’s a attitude of just ‘go!’ to their sound which I find rather charming. Like Scissorfight or Party Cannon it just tips up wrecks the joint and fucks off.

Thrash like Venom, hardcore like Bad Brains, trad metal like Angel Witch and a splash of Sonic Youth is all in there at once. If you’re partial to this particularly unusual flavour this is the rotten shark for you.

7 thoughts on “Medusa – Capra

  1. I found myself alternately terrified and enchanted. Not bad for a Friday afternoon and a remembrance when the expectation of Friday was revelries not gardening.

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