Walk This Way – Run- DMC (feat. Aerosmith)

What do you take me for? To talk about Rap/Rock and not feature Walk This Way. This is the Greatestest Songiest Songs List Top Ten after all (I know there are approximately over 20 entries in this top ten already but… Space time!!! Yeah?)

We’ve talked about guitar riffs you can sing. What about drum breaks. How many drum breaks can carry a whole song? We Will Rock You? Car Wash?? Rock And Roll??? If I was to say to you… “Usk Ow, Uh Usk Usk Ow” Would you know what I was talking about?

The one cruel injustice of Run-DMC featuring Joe and Steven in their do over recording and video but leaving the beat maker they sampled home twiddling his sticks will never quite sit right with me.

Tunes don’t come more heavy than the second bite at the cherry for Tyler and Perry. Songs don’t carry more sway than Walk This Way from Run-DMC. Beats don’t hit with more flavour than this one from Joey Kramer, But the riff is the thing when it all kicks in. The Rev Run and DMC in us all takes over, when the lick’s wrung outta Joe Perry’s Bladerunner.

“Backstroke Lover always hidin’ ‘neath the cover didn’t talk to your Daddy say…”


11 thoughts on “Walk This Way – Run- DMC (feat. Aerosmith)

  1. I’ve never got on with Aerosmith, no idea why, but I remember this tune as a kid via my brother’s bedroom stereo and forever… forever, what a tune!

    This and RUN DMC’s Tricky are always embedded.

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  2. This is such a classic video – the moment when Steven Tyler pops her head thru the wall. Propelled Run DMC to the next level and made Aerosmith relevant again

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