Doomswitch – Make Them Suffer

Australia’s Make Them Suffer have been bashing out brutal metal noise for over a decade now. Their debut album 2012’s Neverbloom tinkled into view with menacing piano notes and a horror score style string n’ brass overture before unleashing some very heavy metal indeed. Ten years and four full metal jacketed long player releases later they’re still presenting like a new band in a lot of ways.

Doomswitch is like that whole discography in one song. Skittering SFX scuttle this one onto the turntable before bigger badder guitars than are entirely necessary pummel your stylus. The “Warrrggh Blearrgh!” opening verse ends with the hollered but decipherable word “Suicidal”, so you know. It’s that kind of music.

There’s a sequencer and keyboard breakdown and those magnificent harmonic Alex Reade vocals come in clean for the first time about a minute and a half in. Alex replaced Louisa Burton in 2017 in what was quite a tumultuous time for line up changes. I’m a UK citizen and tumultuous line up changes seems to have become our defining national characteristic. In the time since my last posts in 2021 we’ve had 4 Prime Ministers, two Monarchs, new hosts on The Mash Report, Countdown and The Weakest Link. It’s frikkin’ chaos out there. The phrase Doomswitch sounds like a thing that has been hit like it’s the bongo kitty meme around these parts of late. By these parts I’m meaning Blighted Blighty. Plague island. The artist formerly known as Great Britain. Brexit Land. The Vile and Venal Sick Man Of Europe that fucked it all in endless parade of useless Tory leaders and petty small minded acts of self harm. Hit that Doomswitch again. AGAIN!

Hey United Kingdom, Lay off the Doomswitch a little huh?

Doomswitch features some drumming which is so fast it makes you think your speakers might be malfunctioning. I’m digging it. In this world of Spiritbox, Mastodon and Gojira I’m happy to have found another metal band I can add to my list of ever faster louder harder fun. With Vitamins in.

To describe this band as a four album band sells them and the Metalcore scenes modus operandi short. Their last album may have been two years ago but they have a smattering of standalone singles between each of their LP releases. 2021’s Courtney LaPlante featuring Contraband was another banger. Doomswitch is even better.

Oh I should mention. This is a limited run this 2022 SteveForTheDeaf activity. I’m doing a festive 50 really. So, I’m posting all December long and at weekends I’m doubling up. All songs from the last year. Almost all with spelling mistakes and broken YouTube links. Was it ever thus?

If this is suffering I’m up for a little more.


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