What a Good Boy – Bare Naked Ladies

I always had these guys down as a novelty act. So to hear their live record Rock Spectacle and the mournful What A Good Boy was a revelation for me.

I like a live recording that can tell you about the venue it went down in via it’s acoustics. Recordings in sweaty dive bars should sound cluttered and sticky, theatres should sound full, stadium shows should echo and so on.

The production here is just so that you can even tell it was a warm night and that the band were playing open air to an audience of a few thousand.

There were probably rows of festoon lighting hanging all around the stage and the waft of barbecue from the concession stalls. That could all be bullshit but I’m sure I can hear it in there somewhere.

A classic sounding MOR song with acoustics and pianos and all of the right opportunities to ‘Hey Hey’ and ‘Oh Oh’ for maximum effect. The subtle melody hides some intelligent lyrics.

‘This name is the hair shirt I wear and this hair shirt is woven from your brown hair, This song is the cross that I bear, Bear with me, be with me tonight’

This is some Crowded House, Steely Dan, Goo Goo Dolls worthy Adult Oriented Rock Shit right here. And that, that’s OK. I’m down with that.

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