Shortnin’ Bread – The Ready Men

A long forgotten 60’s garage band take a shot at an advertising jingle and make a very sinister racket. You can smell the fusty leather jackets and brylcreem on this record, or I think you can.

The fact is, how it sounds and where the bands image was at, are actually poles apart.

They sound like a more primeval Ramones. Like they crawled out of the same swamp as The Cramps but a millennia earlier.

There are a few pictures of the band on line and they look disappointingly clean cut and ordinary for such a delinquent sounding brood. Never the less, Shortnin’ Bread is a rollicking 2 minutes and change of rumble and growl from an era that didn’t really approve of this sort of thing one bit.

It would appear teenagers in rock and roll have always channelled the strum und drang and the darkness for giggles.


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