I Love It Loud – Phunk Junkeez

You know what’s missing from the Kiss cannon? A NuMetal element with awkward hip-hop styling and sub-Limp Bizkit trappings, you say?

Well have I got a treat for you? Complete with pump up the volume samples, scratching and extra verses that include lines like “turn it loose, I’m the juice from the goose”  comes Phunk Junkeez attempt to Bring The Noise on the 80’s Kiss stomper I love It Loud.

Not an era usually mined for Kiss covers the 80’s saw Kiss trying on all manner of trends to extend their shelf life past the disco wobble of Dynasty and Unmasked. When The Elder and the dalliance with concept album prog didn’t stick, they tried bubblegum pop, hair metal and proto rap stomps like All Hell’s Breaking Loose. The closest they got before the grease paint had to come off was the “why’s the drummer got different make up?” era’s only huge hit I Love It Loud.

To hear it given the NuMetal treatment by Phunk Junkeez is… a thing.

Happy Halloween



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