Heathen Child – Grinderman

Nick Cave’s undercover band of libidinous cavemen get all evangelical on this track from Grinderman II. There’s a picture of a wolf standing in a middle class living room on the cover of that record. If ever there was a metaphor for the listening experience contained within, that sleeve has it nailed.

I’m not sure if it makes me a dirty dog, that I like Grinderman as much (possibly more) as I do the Bad Seeds. There is something so immediate about the stripped down band going straight for the dark and sexy without the need to be as artful and mournful like they do in their day job that just gets to me. They make a middle aged creepy kind of rock that is all impropriety and arched eye brows.

The Heathen Child Nick is describing in the lyrics is equally disapproved of and lusted after as he describes her cleaning ritual. The sweet little Momo is ‘Sitting the bathtub’ doesn’t seem to have a hope of getting any less filthy.

She’s in the tub with powder and a gun. She’s waiting on the Wolfman. Is this a spin on Red Riding Hood? Is the bathroom a set for a Bloody Chamber piece? What’s little Momo fixing to do?

It’s certainly not a spiritual allegory. “Don’t care about Buddha, Don’t care about Krishna, Don’t care about Allah, Don’t care about anything” She’s just sitting in there “sucking her thumb”.

“With her powder, and her gun. Waiting for the Wolfman to come”.


Moving On!

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