House Of Pain – Faster Pussycat

This song is The Cats In The Cradle for kids from broken homes. It’s the latch key kid version of that ‘Damn, we missed it’ sentiment and no matter how hard the rocker is, you get them talking about the men that made them or the absence of one and there is a song there.

Faster Pussycat were the sleaziest of the LA Sleaze to Glam barometer. They were residents at The Cathouse on Sunset Strip in the second half of the 1980’s and all of their songs were about drinking, doing drugs and screwing strippers… Except this one.

‘It’s a little past supper time, I’m still out on the front porch sittin’ on my behind, waiting for you’

This is the classic story of the kid waiting for the father who never came back. It became a cliché decades before Pussycat tried to go a little country and wrote their biggest hit. ‘Going a Little Country’ is a classic move for heavy bands to get a power ballad out there in the charts without being accused of being total sell outs. It’s worked for Poison on Every Rose and Bon Jovi on Wanted.

Going a Little Country has been a viable option for every rock band by track 5 ever since Lynryd Synyrd did Tuesday’s Gone. It didn’t go so great for Metallica on Mama Said but that was a bridge too far and a decade too late.

Wondering if everything is alright Momma said, “Come in boy, don’t waste your time.” I said, “I’ve got time Will he be here soon?”‘

So to Pussycat. Second album on a major, Wake Me When It’s Over had a bigger production budget than their debut. But it didn’t have first pick of all of the songs they’d played year after year on the club circuit so there were some thin spots. What made House Of Pain a highlight was it’s childlike purity. All the other songs are about getting screwed over by Bad Girls or getting wasted and paranoid. Not everyone can relate to Where There’s a Whip There’s a Way.

House Of Pain. We can all miss our parents. And that chorus. That’s a tear jerker right there.

‘I’m not trying to fake it and I ain’t the one to blame, there’s no one home In my house of pain I didn’t write these pages and my script’s been rearranged. No, there’s no one home In my house of pain’


10 thoughts on “House Of Pain – Faster Pussycat

  1. After this album in which this song originated from I was out of the Cathouse so to speak..haha..
    But those first two Pussycat albums were pretty decent spins….
    Nice write up as well on a tune I wasn’t expecting..
    Good Call Dude!

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  2. This is my favorite in a while. I was totally thinking of “Mama Said” two paragraphs before you got to this. Cinderella did some stuff that fits here on that bluesy album…I think it was called Heartbreak Station. I remember it had “Bad Seamstress Blues,” perhaps the best song they ever did. I lawyer thought that the Cinderella stuff was inspired by The Black Crowes, who were the biggest thing here for a few minutes, until everybody got tired of the petulant children stuff and began asking “Idn’t ‘at tha same song they put out last year?”

    Fun stuff, Steve-o. Well done.

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    1. Cheers Paul. The Crowes did lose their way mid period Sure. An that ’Tallica Tuen was a definite Mis-step. I loved Cinderella as much as the rest of the hair metal mob… Bad Seamstress Blues was the opener of Long Cold Winter. Album number two. It melted into Falling Apart At The Seams. Which would feature on Great Segues Week if I ever write it… cracking tune


      1. Long Cold Winter. Right. Yeah, cracking tune. I was always surprised a hair band made a song like that. Yeah, not a big fan of Mama Said, but that was on Load, correct? That album had some songs I really dug. Ronnie, The Outlaw Torn, Until it Sleeps. I thought that album didn’t get the respect it deserved, not perfect, but not totally dismissible.

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    1. House of Pain should have a great song called Faster Pussycat. That would be great. And Primal Scream could have a song called Motley Crue and Dog Eat Dog could have one called Warrant… there’s mileage in this

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