Fire – Dream Wife

And the 2018 Award for ‘Bands Filling The Void Left By The Yeah Yeah Yeahs In Our Lives’ goes to… Dream Wife!

“I wasn’t always your future, I wasn’t always your man, Those who are left behind us, I guess they’ll make it the best they can”

There was stiff competition from Starcrawler, Goat Girl, etc etc but this band have ‘A Thing’. Something tells me there won’t be 6 or 7 Dream Wife albums a decade from now. Something says they burn bright and loud and hard for 2, maybe 3 records and 5 years from now we’ll be talking about them in the past tense as a band we saw. We’ll say we were there and they were great and those who missed them will have to take our word for it.

“I’m moving closer to you and you have a lot to say, your accent is changing, your words rearranging and you don’t sound the same”

That’s cool though. We still miss the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and yet, a bit of Dream Wife not only scratches that itch it moves things on a little. The accent, the melodies and the fearless noise this band make can only come from the youthful.

“I remember last night there was a fire, we danced, and we screamed, and we held each other tight, I remember, I remember last night”

Rakel, Alice and Bella have had a great year in 2018 releasing a major album early in the first half of the year that never left my selection right through to this bleak midwinter. Now we’re on the threshold of 2019 I’m excited to see what they do next.

“I only just met you under the table and you have a lot to say, your lips are moving the way that I move mine I wonder if you’ll stay”

Who knows, maybe my prediction is wrong and they’ll ‘do a Sleater Kinney’ on us and be around 20 plus years from now, forging opportunities for artists in their wake and leading a scene as elders. That would be fire, indeed.

Happy New Year!

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