Space Lord – Monster Magnet

Monster Magnet inhabit my happy place. I remember listening to a cassette of Powertrip on the train to the Reading Festival in the late nineties with a big daft grin on my face. The happiness it brought me struck up a conversation with a bunch of fellow festival goers.

I’m stood there with my Walkman in my pocket and a rucksack on my back in a packed train heading off to meet my friends. The slow boogie of Space Lord’s intro creeps into the orange foam of the headphones.

“I’ve been stuffed in your pocket for the last hundred days, when I don’t get my bath I take it out on the slaves, so grease up your baby for a ball on the hill, polish those rockets now and swallow those pills”

Their comic book B-Movie aesthetic and dead pan delivery won me over instantly. Dopes to Infinity and Superjudge had raised a smile and the odd glass for me and my bartender friends before Powertrip had pushed them to the center stage.

Powertrip was one of my albums of the summer that year. It was a long hot glorious three months full of gigs and travel and friends scattered all over Europe. So the absurd but serious delivery of the song title had me unconsciously break out in a big ole smirk.

“Space Lord Mutha Mutha”

Then that heavy metal hipsway groove truly kicked the doors in and the Monster showed the Space Lord it’s Magnet for the first time.

Low and slinky it must have taken my mug up a notch with it, as I was tapped on the shoulder by a girl with corn-rows and a back pack on. I was sure she was going to tell me music was bleeding out from my headphones and irritating the others in the carriage, but no. She had something else to say.

“I’ve got to ask. You’re smiling so much to whatever that is. What music can make someone that happy?”

I told her it was Monster Magnet and she said she’d never heard them. A kid 3 feet away had though and he pipped in.

‘Monster Magnet? Yeah they’re brilliant.’

I offered her my headphones so she could hear the song that had made me smile. While she was listening the 3 ft Kid and I discussed the album. Another voice chimes in.

“You guys like Kyuss?”

‘Kyuss rock!” comes from further down the carriage.

“Monster Magnet, Rocket From The Crypt and Deftones in the same day? Tomorrow is gonna be insane!” proffered a guy stood between me and 3ft. If it hadn’t been obvious before now, 75% of this train carriage were en route to the same gig.

‘Deftones!’ goes up like a firework in the distance. Followed by a “Yeah Baby!” from the other end. Stereo enthusiasm at work. A laundry list of bands goes off round the carriage like Chinese firecrackers.

‘It’s all about the Beastie Boys for me this weekend’

“Ash, Rancid, Garbage, Foo Fighters. There’s so much to see.”

Then the girl takes off the headphones. “That is dope, I can see why it got you smiling.”

One of her friends has been rummaging in a hold all and pulls out a tape deck with speakers and a handle (more commonly known as a boom box).

“Who wants some music?” Corn-rows calls out to the packed train. A semi-majorative whoop of approval goes off. She reaches into my jacket and takes my Walkman out. Ejects my cassette (not a euphemism) and puts it into the boom box.

‘Rewind it’ I advise not wanting the small group to miss out on that awesome intro. Just a few seconds later there’s a train carriage having a 1 in 10 singalong to the song I had been listening to in my own personal space just a couple of minutes earlier.

Monster Magnet, bringing kids together since 1998.

13 thoughts on “Space Lord – Monster Magnet

    1. This is my book. An out of sequence half remembered non narrative group of stories about how the tracks on my iPod have made me feel over the years. Where the song is the star. Music Man, it’s gets you through.

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    2. Steve from the future here reaching back to the past. Aphro… it was this exchange that inspired me to write my novel. It took a while. Maybe only a dozen or so WordPress folk will ever read the whole thing… but I got a lot out of writing it. Thank you. Thank you so much.

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  1. You are a good writer, with a wealth of music stories that I very much enjoy reading. This one is just plain nirvanic (if that is a word). This song kicks butt. I can see myself out on the dance floor with it. The singer has big stage presence and the video was way better than I expected from the first part of it. Is the rest of their music this good?

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    1. The rest of their music is… like this. Some say it gets a bit samey. I used to have a band play in the pub who did a parody track called Monster Magnet that summed up their entire discography by reducing it all to tropes. I like ‘em. But I am easily pleased if the lyrics are funny and the guitars loud

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  2. Yassss! Space Lord mutha mutha!! As much as some would say they’re a one-trick-pony, I love Monster Magnet and this was he track (and album) that led me to them.

    A band with loads of energy and big Dave is as recognisable as frontmen get.

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  3. Awesome – did you never wish there was an uncensored version though? I do every time I play it.

    I love this and ‘Crop Circle’ unreservedly, but it’s all about ‘Tractor’ for me!

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