Stand Clear – Adam F. (Feat M.O.P)

A little home town hero worship here from an Essex boy claiming hip hop braggin’ rights I have no right to claim. Essex hip hop homeboy DJ Destruction, Megastar Drum and Bass producer Adam F and M.O (OhshitgetthefukkupBrownsville!).P made a record in 2001 that leveled clubland with it’s bombast.

The Adam F album Kaos started strong with it’s opening track (the previously featured Smash Sumthin’) featuring Wu-Tang’s Redman for the entertainment of children everywhere.

However, I can’t hear one without immediately expecting the other to follow just like they do on the album. So credit where it’s due for Stand Clear and it’s ability to have me kill the shuffle function just in time to hear that fuzzy exploitation movie title music give way to samples from Three Dog Night and those Bob James horns reverbed and ‘roided and ready to mess things up.

The albums’ second big single (as in mainstream top ten big) was this break DJ meets orchestral score epic. Along side the other really huge M.O.P tracks Ante Up and Cold As Ice, Stand Clear is part of a greatest hit triptych that the shouty sweary lairy duo will forever be remembered for in post millennial retrospectives.

Lil’ Flame and Billy Danze did that ‘holler like a drunken mob that’s about to get angry’ thing to brilliant effect over this most magnificent of backing tracks.

The rowdy nature of Kaos was perfect for the times. 2001 didn’t know what it was doing and hollering mobs over massive backing tracks sounded the way the world felt.

They brought their rabble rousing sound to the top 40 three times in 18 months and then their star faded as they went off collaborating with Ex-Spice Girls and making do-overs of existing numbers for movie soundtracks.

I’m far from a hip hop expert. And yet, I know M.O.P whenever I hear them… So when they’re playing… best you Stand Clear.



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