My Baby is a Headfuck – The Wildhearts

“Gee, Mister you got the best answering machine message I ever heard”

With a sample of a girl on a telephone the greatest rock anthem of the 90’s crawls out of the speakers like a louche hung over blues rock hybrid. Over a bar chord chug Ginger Wildheart has his eye on the big time as he delivers a cool drawl that will build into a rock roar.

“Drags me round all day jus’ lik a ball on a chain and tooth pain when I confess, I’m just a messssss…’

The band kick in.

“Do I have to take this shit from you everytime you look my way or say ‘Hey’ it’s about time, you show me yours and I’ll show you mine”

Wordy and modern The Wildhearts took a myriad of classic building materials from rock music and they twisted them together. Some punk fury, some glam stomp, some indie lyricism and the grit and sparkle of CBGB’s and Kiss mixed together in a Soho basement. At the time of their emergence I described them as Metallica playing Abba songs on The Ramones kit. I stand by that to this day.

Ginger had taken a couple of runs at the rock game before The Wildhearts. He’d been in The Quireboys for almost 45 minutes and he’d toured with The Throbs and The Dogs D’Amour, It was with this new band that he found his voice. Back then he was just Ginger. The Ramone like surname became attached much later.

My Baby is a Headfuck is one half of the centre piece of their debut long player Earth Versus The Wildhearts. After building into a monster pop rock party anthem with Beach Boys harmonies, chanted obscenities and slide guitar breaks comes a truly ace card. Ginger has pulled in a rock legend. The guitarists guitarist for this kind of caper. The guitar solo on track eight of this bands debut album is non other than Martian Spider and friend of the StarMan, Mick Ronson playing his last ever studio recording. And it’s a (scary) monster. It’s a fucking Kaiju of a solo.

On the album, as My Baby is a Headfuck collapses into molten lava and split drum skins there is a well of rising feedback that leads straight into the following track Suckerpunch.

It’s a glorious moment on record and it elevates the already brilliant song you just heard into a thrashy punk screamer with a gattling gun stream of lyrics.

If you’ve never heard Earth Verses The Wildhearts I implore you to get to it as soon as you can. Easily in my top ten records of all time.

Stay strong Ginger.

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