Undercover – Iraina Mancini

Think Mattiel, think Lana Del Rey, think Amy Winehouse, think Lorde. Luxury pop with a strong arrangement and the sort of vocal that harks back to an era no longer with us where Jane Berkin and Phil Spector ruled the style world.

My Mate Mal stuck this under my nose the other day and made a face that said ‘you will really like this’. He’s heard me bang on about Transvision Vamp and Nancy Sinatra and Girl Pop being the realest Pop since forever.

That bass line slinks around with the confidence of a groove designed to be played on a Dansette from a seven inch single not a digital download. There’s a comparison coming up here to an unlikely inspiration. This track sounds like a cover of an old Leonard Cohen song. Not folky acoustic Famous Blue Raincoat Cohen but more late 70’s early 80’s Death Of A Ladies Man, I’m Your Man era Lenny. This song has that bit Jazz, bit soul, all slinky sexuality in expensive districts of sophisticated cities kid of vibe. This is Posh Pop for martini’s and seduction. Italian city break disco.

Undercover would mix right in between Serge Gainsborough and Mazzy Star in a Lounge DJ set.

It’s got bits of Geowulf and bits of Dusty Springfield. It’s sort of Torchsong indie and at the same time it’s retro soul. There’s a kind of Portishead feel to some of the Shirley Bassey elements.

This is (I believe) a debut single. From a new artist on the cool side of the tracks. The sort of artist that only people like Mal know about to begin with. It’s urgent and yet it’s in no hurry. It’s het-up and passionate and yet it’s cool and aloof. Best of all it’s infectious and as soon as it finished I wanted to play it again.

Thought you might want to too. So please, check below. Bandcamp an’ wotnot in the usual slot.





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